Apple iPhone 6 to 16GB Specifications 2015

Aisha News – Smartphone made by apple bloom now we are in gadget stores in our area, Apple iPhone 6 16-GB. many enthusiasts of smart phones manufactured by the supplier of the apple, grated apple added hitting the market this electronic devices year. after the success in sales of older smartphones, Apple now brings the new Apple iPhone type 6, type of apple phone, it has more advantages compared to the previous series.
Apple iPhone 6 16-GB Spesifikasi Oktober 2015Apple iPhone 6 brings 4.7-inch screen and quality IPS LCD screen with LED backlight can be very easy to operate from the previous version, has a level of on the screen is very good and can be a surplus It is the highlight of this version. the area of ​​the screen are gathering accelerometer or gyroscope and proximity sensor which can be useful to increase the level of screen available on the Apple iPhone 6 this.

As for the sector existing operating system, the iPhone 6 this is in the running iOS operating system and version 8 can provide the best display for all users of Apple iPhone OS 6. Further, it is not the same thing to version 6 iPhone collector has a processor speed of 1.2 GHz dual core that will help you use your smartphone and action area easier and faster.

Besides having the quality of some of the sectors that are in it, you have the opportunity to use a camera that is able to produce results cepretan maximum and brighter. And he planted a 8-megapixel camera can be useful for the main camera to take photos as well as the maximum results and clearer.

You can add a photo quality and use auto focus, face and smile detection and other great features that may be available in the Apple iPhone in June. Then we discuss the existing cameras, now we move to a sector of the network and connections to the network side in the offer has been put in the type of 4G LTE network and access speeds super fast, to get to help all activity to explore the virtual world. network is a WiFi access point that is very useful to navigate the world free of charge as well as connect and wireless networks around you.


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